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Harry Stevens Mid Century Designer, Poster Artist and Illustrator

June 25, 2014

Fishinkblog 7662 Harry Stevens 10

Harry Stevens, was born in Manchester in 1919 and died in 2008. He designed posters for London Transport 1960-1978 and you can find some great examples of his work on their site. What a lovely fun style, at times I think his work is a subtle mix of other poster designers of the time, Daphne Padden and Tom Eckersley. Look at these fab travel posters.

Fishinkblog 7658 Harry Stevens 6

With no formal art training, Harry Stevens started his design career in the exhibitions and display trade. Fishinkblog 7654 Harry Stevens 1

He went on to become a prolific freelance commercial artist, specialising in poster design. He worked for a wide variety of clients and agencies and in 1963 won the Council of Industrial Design Poster Award. In 1955 he joined the Society of Industrial Artists and was elected Fellow ten years later. He was also a member of the Society of Modern Painters.

Fishinkblog 7656 Harry Stevens 4

Work for the Post Office and London Underground.

Fishinkblog 7654 Harry Stevens 2 

Fishinkblog 7655 Harry Stevens 3

Do you think more people would be more conscious of litter if we had fun reminders like these around ?

Fishinkblog 7659 Harry Stevens 7

I love these great colour combinations, very eye catching !

Fishinkblog 7657 Harry Stevens 5

Some different styles emerging in Harry’s posters for Country Walking, from almost cartoon to painterly and even slightly cubist. What a versatile designer !

Fishinkblog 7660 Harry Stevens 8 Fishinkblog 7661 Harry Stevens 9 

A lovely collection of colourful and feel good poster designs. I’ll remember to smile when next putting my litter in a public bin  : )

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