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Boo at the Beach and new Fishink illustrations

July 7, 2014


Fishinkblog 7793 Boo 2

A couple of weeks ago, we set off to head for the Wirral to catch up with my folks and take my dog ‘Boo’ to the beach for the first time in her life. Five minutes out of Manchester she was being sick and not looking like it was going to be a good idea, we changed plan and went to a local park instead. This weekend however we made it and boy was she a happy dog !

Running carefree along the beach, paddling (when we didn’t even think she liked getting her paws wet) and most importantly, learning not to drink the seawater as it’s salty and doesn’t taste a bit like tap water, even though it looks the same ! How confusing for a thirsty dog.

This is Boo 05 07 14

Fishinkblog 7794 Boo 3 Fishinkblog 7795 Boo 4

I can only imagine that going to the beach for Boo, with all it’s new sounds, smells and tastes would be as strange as if we were to go to the Moon perhaps. A completely unknown and new landscape, that you’ve never before encountered. Needless to say that she soon got the hang of chasing those alien seagulls anyway !

Afterwards she was soooo tired that she practically slept all the way back again, before fitting in another snooze (just for good measure), in my parent’s garden lol.

This is Boo 05a 07 14

It’s a dogs life … and not a bad one at that !

I’ve also been trying some new style illustrations, it’s good to play around a little.

Fishinkblog 7796 Boo 5

This one was based on the idea that a dog would happily go off for a walk with absolutely anyone… perhaps even a crocodile !

Fishinkblog 7797 Boo 6

Some more new style ideas, any feedback, thoughts, suggestions are (as ever) most welcome.

Fishinkblog 7799 New artwork 2

Fishinkblog 7800 New artwork 3

Fishinkblog 7798 New artwork 1

23 Comments leave one →
  1. July 7, 2014 7:33 am

    Fabulous pics and designs!! I imagine Boo would be great at yoga as she’s so elegant and bendy!! She already does a great downward dog!!! ;o) xxx

    • July 7, 2014 7:39 am

      Yes yoga for supple dogs, I can see the workout (quite disturbingly) in my head as I type.

      • July 7, 2014 7:40 am

        Heehee!! I can too!! She’s a natural yogi!! ;o) xxx

      • July 7, 2014 7:49 am

        or a natural yoghurt perhaps. Cool, calm with no additives : )

      • July 11, 2014 11:10 pm

        A natural yoghurt!! I love the way your mind works Craig!! ;o)

      • July 12, 2014 7:01 am

        The boy can’t help it ! : )

      • July 15, 2014 11:11 pm

        ;oD xxx

  2. Louise permalink
    July 7, 2014 9:03 am

    Boo is gorgeous, and so are you illustrations, clearly done with love for your subject.

  3. 54paintings permalink
    July 7, 2014 9:05 am

    Boo is a real beauty.

  4. jo lamb permalink
    July 7, 2014 10:10 am

    I love the dog story!

    • July 7, 2014 10:52 am

      Thanks Jo, she’s such a character it’s an pleasurable tale to tell : )

  5. Elaine permalink
    July 7, 2014 1:24 pm

    Loving the new art, especially like the blue dog one.. think I can count 7 in there?! Was that the first time you took Boo for a longer car journey? Only similar thing happened with one of ours a couple of years back, once he realised it wasn’t a local trip he was continuously ill for the duration, only on the way back nothing. We realised he panicked and thought he was going away again. His last long trip being from a pound in Ireland to our local dog rescue in the England. We have learnt to build up to several longer trips before embarking on a major journey! Rescue dogs are much more sensitive to change. Best wishes to you and Boo! Elaine

    • July 7, 2014 2:39 pm

      Hi Elaine, thanks for your comments. Unfortunately Boo is sometimes sick on a ten minute car trip to her puppy class, I think what was motion sickness has now turned into a bit of a fear of the car, associated with it making her sick ! we’re doing short trips (to the end of the road) for a walk to build up her confidence in it again. Strangely I think the return journey of 40 mins was ok because she was so tired, which seemed to counteract the motion of the car. Maybe another tactic to use. Boo wasn’t a rescue dog so she won’t have any associations there. Always useful to hear other people’s stories to though. Cheers for sharing.

  6. Wendy Connolly permalink
    July 7, 2014 4:03 pm

    Love your dog Boo, drawings & illustrations! May I ask what program you use to do creative things like this? “the scribbly”? Regards, Wendy

    • July 7, 2014 4:26 pm

      Hi Wendy. Thanks for your comments, yes they are often a mix of hand drawn, then scanned, imagery and photoshop. Happy Scribbling !

  7. July 7, 2014 8:31 pm

    wonderful – looks like perfect summer!

  8. July 7, 2014 9:11 pm

    I like the new art also, especially the last 3, and I REALLY like the last one!

  9. July 8, 2014 10:17 am

    Love your photos, I’ve been painting sighthounds on the beach for a few years now and you have described what I’m trying to capture, a sensation similar to humans being on the moon…
    Enjoy gorgeous Boo!

    • July 8, 2014 2:33 pm

      Thanks Anna, we’re definitely enjoying having Boo with us. I’ve come across you beautiful dog paintings before ( ) and have smiled at them long before I got my Lurcher pup. I love the breezy/ beachy/ dreamy windswept quality to them. Lovely work and thanks for your comments too.

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