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Men’s Fashion Trends

July 16, 2014

Fishinkblog 7847 Flowers in Beards 3

It’s midweek here in old Blighty, and yesterday I spotted a new trend … Floral Beards. I’m not sure how long they’d stay in for, (the flowers, not the trend) but the idea is certainly blooming ! (groan)

Fishinkblog 7845 Flowers in Beards 1

Credits for each image and more like these can be found over at Bored Panda, and on Sarah Winward‘s beautiful flower focussed site.

Fishinkblog 7846 Flowers in Beards 2

Continuing on the men’s fashion side, I’ve been looking through the Menswear Spring / Summer 2015 Catwalk shows in Paris, London and Milan. Thanks to our friends over on the Pattern Prints Journal for prompting me. Some great scribbly patterns from Dior to start us off.

Fishinkblog 7847 Mens Fashion 2015 1

Bold shapes and more delicate lace work as a contrast from Versace, whilst Richard Nicoll has gone for a distinctive tie-dye indigo feel.

Fishinkblog 7848 Mens Fashion 2015 2

There’s always something for the more outrageous (or overly confident) chap. Check out the monster hand accessories !

Fishinkblog 7849 Mens Fashion 2015 3

Something a little more elegant, bookish and refined from Burberry Prorsum.

Fishinkblog 7850 Mens Fashion 2015 4

Moschino is never one to be a wallflower, they’ve gone wild with flags, retro smileys and colourful packaging themes.

Fishinkblog 7851 Mens Fashion 2015 5

Tasteful detailed mix and match prints from John Richmond, and bold tessellations from Daks.

Fishinkblog 7853 Mens Fashion 2015 7jpg

Some cool summer peach and oranges from Katie Eary.

Fishinkblog 7852 Mens Fashion 2015 6

You’ve heard the phrase, dressed up like a dog’s dinner ? well this is the people’s dinner version lol. There’s a rather cute vintage feel to the print all the same.

Fishinkblog 7854 Mens Fashion 2015 8jpg

Frankie says.. Make Art Not War.. one final great message for all ! Ok guys so which of these would you be happy to wear ?

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  1. October 18, 2014 1:25 pm

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    • October 19, 2014 2:06 pm

      Would this be a site that you own Michael ? Great fashion, thanks for the link

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