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Modern Publicity 1953 – 54. Illustrated Mid century Art, Advertising and Graphics Part 2

August 13, 2014

Welcome to part 2 of a series of posts about the world of advertising back in 1953 -1954, part 1 is available here. There’s no better way to start off a blog post than with a little Edward Bawden (top left).

Fishinkblog 7802 Modern Publicity 1953-54 2

Some of the well known companies like Shell, BP, Osram etc were using great work and great names, in their advertising campaigns to attract the public’s attention.

Fishinkblog 7808 Modern Publicity 1953-54 8

As ever with this mid-century period, there’s always beautiful design, textures, linework, style and humour in the work.

Fishinkblog 7809 Modern Publicity 1953-54 9

This Berkertex ad looks as fresh as if it had been published today and the illustration of the people stepping off the kerb, is a dead ringer for the modern day, yet retro work of Matte Stephens.

Fishinkblog 7810 Modern Publicity 1953-54 10

Beautifully simplistic travel posters. They make me want to fly there.

Fishinkblog 7811 Modern Publicity 1953-54 11

Record covers and packaging designs, all cleverly considered.

Fishinkblog 7812 Modern Publicity 1953-54 12

Love the ‘Purr’ point of sales advertising.

Fishinkblog 7813 Modern Publicity 1953-54 13 Fishinkblog 7814 Modern Publicity 1953-54 14


Do let me know if you remember any of these, or have just enjoyed seeing them for the first time too. You can find more posts in this style by searching for ‘Modern Publicity’ using the search function on my blog. Happy investigating !

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