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Modern Publicity 1950 – 51. Illustrated Mid century Art, Advertising and Graphics Part 2

October 8, 2014

Welcome back to part two of the graphic and advertising illustrations in the Modern Publicity Annual from 1950 -51. No surprises how many of the illustrators use animals to help add interest to their message.

Fishinkblog 7895 Modern Publicity 1950 51 8

Who wouldn’t remember a giraffe on the phone.

Fishinkblog 7896 Modern Publicity 1950 51 9 Fishinkblog 7897 Modern Publicity 1950 51 10

Or this fab kangaroo in a box !

Fishinkblog 7898 Modern Publicity 1950 51 11 Fishinkblog 7899 Modern Publicity 1950 51 12

A couple of record covers.

Fishinkblog 7900 Modern Publicity 1950 51 13

And a little colour to finish with. These eskimo blankets do look warm and inviting, but I’m less convinced by a smoking Walrus… each to their own I suppose !

Fishinkblog 7901 Modern Publicity 1950 51 14

You can find more posts and illustrations in this series by typing the words Modern Publicity into the search function on the right of this post. Don’t forget to share it and tell your friends about Fishink Blog. Thank you.

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