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Jae Hyo Lee Korean Natural Sculptures

November 14, 2014

Fishinkblog 8315 Jae Hyo Lee 10

Born in Hapchen, Korea in 1965 Jae Hyo Lee completed a B.F.A in Plastic Arts, Hong-ik University in 1992.

Fishinkblog 8316 Jae Hyo Lee 11

Leaving plastics behind Jae Hyo went on to discover his love for more natural materials, such as wood ….

Fishinkblog 8314 Jae Hyo Lee 9

Look at these beautiful chairs.

Fishinkblog 8313 Jae Hyo Lee 8

Scale appears to be no problem for this talented designer.

Fishinkblog 8312 Jae Hyo Lee 7

Beaten nails into wood.

Fishinkblog 8311 Jae Hyo Lee 6


Fishinkblog 8308 Jae Hyo Lee 3

And finally metal. Beautiful shapes, organic and curvaceous, they really make you look twice.

Fishinkblog 8309 Jae Hyo Lee 4

Also beautiful when more weathered and rusty.

Fishinkblog 8310 Jae Hyo Lee 5

Lee creates some weird metallic animals too. The tortoise-helmet made me smile.

Fishinkblog 8306 Jae Hyo Lee 1


Is this his take on ‘ The Scream ‘ I wonder ?

Fishinkblog 8307 Jae Hyo Lee 2

Captivating, Inspired and creative work by a talented maker. More pieces on Lee’s website here.

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  1. November 14, 2014 11:55 am

    Wowwwwwww, I LOVE this artist’s work!!! The sculptures with wood are amazing and so organic. But how did he get that ring of pebbles to stand up – that’s magic!!! Some of this work, namely the metal trees, reminds me a little of an artist I met last year in Florence called Zadok Ben-David ( Not sure if he’s up your street but just a thunk!! And in the meantime if there is more you can tell us about Jae Hyo Lee, or more pics, please do another blog post on him cos this work is fabulous!

    • November 14, 2014 1:16 pm

      Thanks Lizzie, I like Zadok Ben-David’s work also but I think this pips it for me. Magic floating pebbles for sure : )

      • November 14, 2014 1:26 pm

        I think I agree too, Jae’s work just has the edge as it is so natural and organic, the wood just looks so smooth and if I had one of his sculptures I’d spend all day stroking it! Just me?!!

  2. November 14, 2014 12:28 pm

    These are really really lovely pieces. Thanks for sharing his work with us.

    I think you may have been misled by his BFA in “Plastic Arts” when you suggest he left plastics behind. The term doesn’t mean “plastic” in the organic polymer sense, but as Wiki says:

    ” .Plastic arts are art forms which involve physical manipulation of a plastic medium by moulding or modeling such as sculpture or ceramics…Materials for use in the plastic arts, in the narrower definition, include those that can be carved or shaped, such as stone or wood, concrete, or metal. “Plastics” meaning certain synthetic organic resins have been used ever since they were invented, but the term “plastic arts” long preceded them.”

    • November 14, 2014 1:15 pm

      Thanks Harry, that’s a great clarification, thanks for letting us know.

  3. November 14, 2014 4:11 pm

    wow… beautiful! I love how he ‘goes big’… more of an impact, I think. And those chairs… I think they ‘wood’ last a long time! ;D I can see some of those large metal objects in a garden. Do you have any idea what the black ‘fuzzy’ object is made out of?

    • November 14, 2014 5:54 pm

      Hi Joy, he’s good with ‘big’ isn’t he lol

      Ok I’m assuming that you didn’t do your homework and visit his website from my link then .. tut tut : ) because if you had, you would have discovered that he ‘fuzzy object’ is described as being wood !… perhaps it’s black twigs ? A little hard to tell without being closer up, I might have guessed at wool too. You’d need a big space for his work to sit comfortably, wouldn’t you.

  4. Betsy Marks permalink
    November 14, 2014 4:38 pm

    I love all of your posts- and am so very appreciative of the time and energy it must take to send out these wonderful eye candies – but today’s post just blew me away! I loved it- but I’m a long time fan of Andy Goldsworthy as well!
    These kind of things leave me awestruck- or gobsmacked as you Brits like to say 🙂
    Thank you!
    Betsy Marks

    • November 14, 2014 5:43 pm

      Thank you Betsy, it’s true that the posts do take up a lot of time and energy and so I also appreciate your comments and feedback as my own rewards : ) I’m also a fan of Goldsworthy and as a textile designer who likes pattern, this was definitely right up my street. Glad it had a pleasing effect for you too. Keep reading and commenting.

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