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Nora Fok Body adornment that we adore

December 3, 2014

Fishinkblog 8417 Nora Fok 6

Wow has it really been over three years since I first created a post about micro-fibre artist Nora Fok ?

You can see the original post here,  I noticed recently that it has been one of the most visited posts since 2011, so I thought an update may be a good idea.

Apart from her collection of wee beasties made from twigs, petals and seeds … (something I’m pretty sure Mister Finch would like)…

Fishinkblog 8416 Nora Fok 5

Nora predominantly concentrates her time creating unique body adornments out of woven, knotted and knitted fibres using nature as her inspiration.

Fishinkblog 8415 Nora Fok 4

Floral beginnings hold an almost planetary air about them as necklaces, ruffs, hoods and hats.

Fishinkblog 8412 Nora Fok 1

Whilst seeds and flowers become earrings, rings and broaches.

Fishinkblog 8413 Nora Fok 2

Great to see that Nora’s work is still developing. Long may it continue !

Fishinkblog 8414 Nora Fok 3

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