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Hannah Waldron Designs for Laurence King Publishing

February 6, 2015

Fishinkblog 8699 Space Travel Dice 3

Illustrator and designer Hannah Waldron has created a wonderful game in the form of this Space Travel Dice set for Laurence King Publishing that has just been released. I’ve not seen one of these storytelling dice games before, so I thought it would be kind of fun to have a go. The instructions are fairly straight forward.

Fishinkblog 8697 Space Travel Dice 1

First roll all eight story dice, keeping the red dice for later. Then using the handy ‘what’s what’ guide to help identify all the images, you begin to link together your very own space-themed tale, using the illustrations on the tops of the dice you have rolled. You can play this on your own or if you have a few more friends who might be up for a little story telling, you can make a bigger group, perhaps even passing the story around the group to make it more fun. More twists and turns along the way.

Fishinkblog 8698 Space Travel Dice 2

Hey and if you’re not into space, then there’s even a Pirate Adventure Dice Set you can go a swash-buckling on the high seas with !

Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 4

Hannah‘s textile work often explores the textures, patterns, forms and structures of her surroundings, and has an interest in the development of landscape over time. Here’s a few of her amazing Furoshki designs. (A Furoshiki is a Traditional Japanese multi-functional wrapping cloth ).

Fishinkblog 8700 Hannah Waldron 1

Hannah also weaves, runs workshops and has a shop over on Bigcartel. She is currently based between Stockholm, SWE and London, UK.

Right then, it’s time for my adventure in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE ! (Rolls Dice).

I was a boy astronaut Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 11 on a mission with my faithful robot Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 6 Bertie. The previous week we had a battle with a group of unfriendly Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 9 Cyborgs. I had had to use my light sabre Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 8 twice in order to survive and with a few tweeks on my giant computer Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 10 we had managed (this time), to avoid the gravitational pull of their planet. By good fortune we had also been helped by some friendly aliens Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 5 and I’d managed to throw the lucky time travel dice Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 7 , which meant we could hop back in our rocket Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 12

and make it home Fishinkblog 8700 Space Travel Dice 13 in time to watch Star Wars for the 45th time on T.V. … Yay !!! What would your story be ?

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