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Sale Arts Trail this weekend and Beech Road Festival last .

July 8, 2015

Fishinkblog 9385 Fishink Artwork 6  It’s the Sale Arts Trail this weekend Woo Hoo !

The shop that I’m displaying work in, will be open 10am – 5pm Saturday and 11am – 4pm Sunday. I’m at Minikin Emporium, 11 Northenden Road, Sale, M332DH on both days with a selection of work on this blank wall below..on the left… assuming all goes to plan today, whilst I’m putting the work up ! (flippers crossed).

Fishinkblog 9379 Minikin Emporium

Here’s a few more framed prints that I’ll be taking along with me.

Fishinkblog 9380 Fishink Artwork 1

I’ll have a full range of items such as hand-made cards for £2.50, notebooks at £4 and framed original artwork from £12 – £100, so something for everyone’s pocket.

Fishinkblog 9383 Fishink Artwork 4

Fishinkblog 9382 Fishink Artwork 3

Please spread the word, come and view over 50 artists work alongside my own, in venues around Sale for the weekend and a combined exhibition of everyone’s work, at the Waterside Arts Centre until August the 9th.

Fishinkblog 9381 Fishink Artwork 2

Here is a little Q&A session I did earlier for the Sale Arts Trail, giving a little more information about my work.

Last weekend, I looked at other people’s work….

Fishinkblog 9378 Beech Road Festival 8

Just around the corner from our house is a lovely buzzy little place called Beech Road.

Where you can find, a selection of wholesome restaurants, quirky bars, gift shops deli’s etc. Once a year they shut off the street and hold a Festival. This year it was on Sunday, a day of half baking sunshine, t-shirt and shorts kind of weather, and the other half of cold torrential (soak you through to the skin) downpours. Luckily we picked the sunny half to explore the festival!

Lots of colourful characters, a great selection of food and drinks to sample …

Fishinkblog 9373 Beech Road Festival 3

even the next potential boy band !

Fishinkblog 9372 Beech Road Festival 2

Lambert & Sons  have the skills to re-purpose furniture or more specifically suitcases and create very individual tables, hampers and bathroom cabinets.

Fishinkblog 9371 Beech Road Festival 1

Laura Nathan had a beautiful collection of paper stitched art and printed cards. I couldn’t resist one of her Hares, and a photo of these wild Elvis shoes from another stall. The blue suede ones must have all sold out !

Fishinkblog 9374 Beech Road Festival 4

More eye-catching goodies on Clair Templeton‘s stall. Cushions, cards, tote-bags and even doggie-bandannas. (No I resisted )

Fishinkblog 9375 Beech Road Festival 5

Fishinkblog 9376 Beech Road Festival 6

Lastly you can see my exciting bargain-finds of the day below. The Whitefriars glass vase has a tiny, tiny (I mean you can’t really notice it) chip and the Staffordshire Cat bookends are crackle glazed, but in top condition. Would you believe that all of them set me back just £6 ! Unbelievable, I was a happy soul. I hope everyone didn’t get too wet during the afternoon and had a successful day, thanks again for letting me take photos of your fabulous stalls.

Fishinkblog 9377 Beech Road Festival 7

Look forward to seeing you all at Minikin Emporium (Venue D on the Map) in Sale this Saturday and Sunday along with Scott Millar’s lovely Birds, do call in and say hello.

Fishinkblog 9384 Fishink Artwork 5

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  1. July 8, 2015 2:09 pm

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend – it looks like it is going to be a real treat for arts and crafts lovers in the north-west and its such a shame I’ll miss it! I know Mum is going though so she can be my proxy!!! Happy creating!!! xxx

    • July 8, 2015 4:06 pm

      Do tell her to say hello. Thanks for the well wishes. Have a hot Venetian one yourself… not meant to sound rude but as you live in Venice and it’s going to be warm : 0

  2. July 8, 2015 6:43 pm

    I will but she’s usually a bit shy – much like myself!! Have a fab weekend and I hope your beautiful designs go down brilliantly! xxx

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