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Modern Publicity 1955-56 Part 5

July 29, 2015

Fishinkblog 8865 Modern Publicity 1955-6 31

Welcome to part 5 of a selection of mid century wonderfulness from the Modern Publicity annual for 1955-56. Don’t these adverts just ZING with personality and humour !

Fishinkblog 8859 Modern Publicity 1955-6 25

Even in the 1950’s stores and shops, the display stands must have made the customer look again and smile.

Fishinkblog 8858 Modern Publicity 1955-6 24

Wonderful shapes and dynamic movement here.

Fishinkblog 8857 Modern Publicity 1955-6 23

Great use of colour and line too.

Fishinkblog 8855 Modern Publicity 1955-6 21

I’m liking this cat piggy (or should that be ‘kitty’) bank !

Fishinkblog 8856 Modern Publicity 1955-6 22

More to come in this series, or just type ‘modern publicity’ into the search box on my blog for similar posts. Happy Midweek everyone, don’t forget to share.

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