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Becky Crow Silver Story Teller

August 17, 2015

Fishinkblog 8707 Becky Crow 7

Talented Jeweller Becky Crow‘s work has always had a strongly illustrative leaning. It grows out of drawings and sketches some observational, some imagined.  She is a wondrous link between the world of illustration and silver smithing.

Fishinkblog 8701 Becky Crow 1

Becky says “I work with sheet silver, and copper with some small amounts of gold for detailing. The metal is pierced out, I will then apply textures or patterns to the surface using a rolling mill and templates. These components are then layered together and soldered. The pieces are finished with a mixture of matt, oxidised and polished surfaces to add depth and tone”. These forests are beautiful.

Fishinkblog 8702 Becky Crow 2

Perhaps inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are ” ? What do you think ?

Fishinkblog 8703 Becky Crow 3

I’m always drawn to collections of animals in silver, these make me smile.

Fishinkblog 8704 Becky Crow 4

Something for the gardeners in your life …

Fishinkblog 8705 Becky Crow 5

The explorers, the worldly and the wise, something for everyone.

Fishinkblog 8706 Becky Crow 6

There’s an old, but interesting article, about Becky’s starting out days here. Check out the rest of her wonderful work.

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