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Fishink in Mount Pleasant Gardens

September 4, 2015

Fishinkblog 9511 Fishink in Tarporley 18

Welcome back to part two of my trip to Mount Pleasant Gardens, on Sunday. I was surprised by the variety of shapes and textures of the sculptures and foliage.

Fishinkblog 9504 Fishink in Tarporley 11

It occurred to me that it would be a wonderful place to spend the day drawing, as you could hide yourself away in a little nook and never be disturbed !

Fishinkblog 9506 Fishink in Tarporley 13

Beautiful collection of colours.

Fishinkblog 9507 Fishink in Tarporley 14

There are some more formal sections to the garden.

Fishinkblog 9508 Fishink in Tarporley 15

And some less formal, in the Bog Garden !

Fishinkblog 9509 Fishink in Tarporley 16

I liked the jaunty angles of these Owls, they looked a little tipsy and a little upset : )

Fishinkblog 9510 Fishink in Tarporley 17

Careful as big brother was watching.

Fishinkblog 9512 Fishink in Tarporley 19

I noticed signs that Autumn was on it’s way.

Fishinkblog 9513 Fishink in Tarporley 20

When you’ve been once, your next trip will be even cheaper if you pick up a flyer ! I’m sure we will be back, even the dog enjoyed it : )

Fishinkblog 9514 Fishink in Tarporley 21

Andrew Worthington, runs some great sculpture courses from here too if you fancy trying your hand. Reasonably priced at £120 for a weekend with all tools and materials provided !

Have you been anywhere new lately, that you’d like to share with us ?

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