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February 19, 2016

Fishinkblog 9880 Fishink Photos 5

I just heard that my good friend Lizzie who writes the blog Dream Discover Italia has recently been awarded the 2015 Italy Magazine’s Art & Culture Best Blog Award .. Wowsa !!!  Congratulations and much merrymaking are in order… well done Lizzie ! So glad to see her continuous hard work paying off.

She recently nominated me to take part in a 7-day photo challenge. All I had to do for this, was to put a photo that I had taken, onto Facebook, for 7 consecutive days and perhaps say a word or two about it.

Doing this got me thinking about photography. More specifically, about how we store images today, on our ipads, phones, Macs and PCs, and just how much things have changed from my younger days, with memories of waiting 3 days to get your photographs returned from Max Spielman before sticking them in albums. Also who recalls that wonderful feeling of anticipation, before you saw the results, of what they might look like! Lol

In some respects it’s a change for the better. Digital images are immediate. If you don’t capture what your viewing, first ‘click’ around, you can see instantly and have another try, unless your subject matter has already flown, jumped, or otherwise disappeared. But what I find a little disheartening, is the way that our photos end up stored in some huge folder and rarely, ever get looked at ever again. Ok so you can print them out, have them eternally revolving on your TV screen or digital photo frame, but do they have the same impact or shelf life ? Are these precious moments we once captured, becoming fleeting instances that get forgotten so quickly ?  Or is life becoming more about the here and now and less about memories of the past ?

I for one, still like to have photographs of things I have seen, personally, a picture does speak a thousand words. I can look at a photo of some friends and recall so much more about our conversation on that day, where we met and things that happened, than if I try to recall the same event, without the visual prompt. Perhaps that’s just how my brain works ? What does anyone else think ?

In the spirit of keeping our photographs alive, here’s a few I’ve taken earlier : )

Fishinkblog 9877 Fishink Photos 2

As usual with my images, there is often an element of colour and texture involved.

Fishinkblog 9879 Fishink Photos 4

Frosty plants and snowdrops.

Fishinkblog 9876 Fishink Photos 1

Still awaiting more sunshine to come and warm up our days. The small splashes of crocus and daffodil colours are most welcome.

Fishinkblog 9878 Fishink Photos 3

Have a look at your old photos today and see what you can discover.

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  1. February 19, 2016 11:25 am

    Awww, thank you for your lovely words Craig, but I wouldn’t be the blogger I am if you hadn’t got me started so I think we should share the award!!

    And your thoughts on photographs are very interesting. As a travel blogger I take hundreds and thousands of photos every year and I love going back through them as I can relive my trips over an over again without leaving my sofa! Double or treble the fun for free! Perfect eh!!

    Keep taking those photos hon as you have such a wonderful eye for the beauty of nature and design. And don’t stop sharing them as you inspire us to take better photos too!!

    Now then, watch the birdy and say cheese!! ;o) xxx

    • February 22, 2016 12:49 pm

      Too kind, You deserve all the awards you get for your most excellent blog. I wouldn’t dream discover Italia of sharing it with you : ) You have a fabulous eye for detail too, keep the posts coming.

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