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Fishink Walks Broadbottom to Coombes Ridge

April 4, 2016

Fishinkblog 3

Hello to you all, how was Easter and how spring-like is the weather where you are ? It’s being very British here at the moment and fluctuating daily between April showers and some sunshine, at least it’s a step in the right direction lol

We made the most of a warmer day recently and caught up with a relative and did a walk together. We started off in Broadbottom, a village in Tameside, Greater Manchester. Historically in Cheshire, it stands on the River Etherow which forms the border with Derbyshire.

Just seeing these yellow Primroses and the sunlit daffodils, made me know that Spring had officially arrived.

Fishinkblog 9939 Fishink in Tameside 1

Of course Boo my dog was always eagerly ahead of the game, checking out the route and smells on (and off) the pathway.

Fishinkblog 9940 Fishink in Tameside 2

Seeing these lambs, made me smile again. Yet another ‘chocolate box opportunity’ and spring-like sign.

Fishinkblog 9941 Fishink in Tameside 3

It’s about a 7 mile walk from Broadbottom to Coombes Edge, through a few villages and up the steep ridge to the top by Coombes Rocks. Always a great view from there.

Fishinkblog 9942 Fishink in Tameside 4

Even the sheep seem to admire the view.

This (below) is from the bottom of the Edge and then a couple (below that) taken from the top.

I liked how the lines of trees formed stripes on the landscape … always the textile designer lol.

Fishinkblog 9943 Fishink in Tameside 5

There was a ‘beam me up Scotty’ moment on a neighbouring hilltop and plenty of craggy rocks and wonderful views to take in.

Fishinkblog 9944 Fishink in Tameside 6

I doubt these ducks have viewed life from the edge lol Great to get out and about again. Tell me about your travels, what have you seen lately that has reminded you of Spring ?

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  1. Hilary permalink
    April 4, 2016 2:15 pm

    Just to let you know those cowslips are primroses! Nice dog.

    • April 4, 2016 3:01 pm

      Glad to see you’re paying attention Hilary, I’ll ammend. The dog says Thank you : )

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