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Fishink Thanks

July 11, 2016

Today is all about Thank you’s. I want to start with the wonderful Jo and Sophie who together were running this year’s Sale Arts Trail. The event ran as smoothly as ever and it was a joy to take part for the second year. Here’s a taster of how the crowds appeared (after the heavens had stopped opening) on the Saturday.

Fishinkblog 10125 Sale Arts Trail 1

My second vote of thanks goes to Claire over at Minikin ‘Paint A Pot’ Emporium. She’s such a hard working, warm-hearted and generally lovely soul that I knew we’d have a fun weekend and a chance for a catch up too. Thanks for letting me take over half of your shop.. and the work will be up for a few more days this week, so pop in if you missed it at the weekend. I was so pleased how it all looked. I also do take on commissions so if you wanted something specific for your home, or another variation of a piece that sold, please drop me a line

Fishinkblog 10126 Sale Arts Trail 2

Lastly I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported my artwork through either sales, praise or just dropping by to say hello and support the trail. It really does all help. Thanks to Jenny who reads my blog for stopping by to meet me and numerous other people who’s names I didn’t manage to gather but who helped the weekend speed past by just being friendly and being there.

Lastly thanks to ‘him upstairs’ for the cascading rain most of Saturday and the dark stormy clouds and wind on Sunday. I decided… why fight what you can’t change.. embrace it instead! : ) Happy new week one and all.


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  1. July 11, 2016 6:02 pm

    I’m happy for your success, Craig. Your work is a delight. Nice display.

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