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Stephanie Dees Painting the city seasons

August 1, 2016

Born in Northumberland in 1974 Stephanie Dees attended Edinburgh College of Art, obtaining a MFA Degree in Painting in 1998. Stephanie works in many different media including acrylic, watercolour, pencil, oil bar and oil pastel.

Fishinkblog 10138 Stephanie Dees 1

She is a regular exhibitor at Society and Commercial Gallery group exhibitions throughout the UK and has been showing with the Scottish Gallery since 1997. Her works feature in Private and Public Collections worldwide. I love her keen observational skills and her capture of the light and mood of each space that she captures on canvas.

Fishinkblog 10140 Stephanie Dees 3

Edinburgh ‘sings’ out from these paintings.

Fishinkblog 10141 Stephanie Dees 4

Fishinkblog 10142 Stephanie Dees 5

From Scotland, to Falmouth…

Fishinkblog 10146 Stephanie Dees 9

Fishinkblog 10145 Stephanie Dees 8

and from Paris to Italy, each painting tells a story of her travels.

Fishinkblog 10139 Stephanie Dees 2

Summer through to Winter even the season’s are explored in Stephanie’s detailed work. I love the grey skies contrasted with the sandy buildings here. Wonderful work, evoking great memories of times spent in Edinburgh.

Fishinkblog 10143 Stephanie Dees 6

Scale and layout working hand in hand to depict each scene so well.  Mmmm nearly time for a Scottish trip I think : )

Fishinkblog 10144 Stephanie Dees 7





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  1. August 1, 2016 12:52 pm

    I love how textural her work is. I’m coveting that opening piece of Victoria Terrace as I was married on that street almost exactly 20 years ago.

    • August 2, 2016 11:19 am

      What a lovely reminder for you : ) Happy Anniversary too.

  2. August 1, 2016 6:28 pm

    I love every aspect of her work, especially how she captures the seasons and times of day with various shades and light. Overall, her work is very serene.

  3. alibrookes permalink
    August 7, 2016 4:42 pm

    Beautiful work! I love how Stephanie uses colour and texture to convey her subject matter.

    • August 8, 2016 8:45 am

      Thanks Ali. Do you fancy showing some of your work on here ? Let me know if you do : )

  4. alibrookes permalink
    August 9, 2016 7:37 pm

    That would be fantastic! :)) I’ve sent you a message via your contact’s page. Chat soon Ali

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