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Serralves Park and Villa, Porto. Part 2

November 16, 2017

Welcome to the last but one post concerning my travels around Porto in Portugal. For those of you who are regulars to my blog, I imagine that by now, you feel like you’ve traveled with me ? lol If you’ve missed my previous write ups about the Architecture, Design, Ceramics, Graffiti of the city itself, you can find them by searching for my past posts on Porto, using the search function on the right of the blog.

A visit to Serralves Villa offers a chance to take a trip back in time: to this unique example of Art Deco architecture, built in the 1930s and belonged to Count Carlos Alberto Cabral. With great decorative rigor and quality materials, the Villa benefited from the intervention of leading figures of the time, such as Marques da Silva, Charles Siclis, Jacques Émile Ruhlmann, René Lalique and Edgar Brandt.
There’s quite a lot of pink don’t you think. As you can see I was lucky to enjoy some sunshine on the day which enhanced the pink contrast with the blue sky.

That’s quite a view.

Inside the villa, it’s all cool tones and sunlight splashes.

Art deco ironwork, greets you.

Some great details, I wonder what it was like to live here back in the 1930’s ?

The parkland surrounding the villa and museum is worth a visit alone.

Everywhere you look nature is bursting out in it’s finery.

Bark, birds and pine cones.

Hundreds of conkers in their cases, looked like a sea of small furry creatures.

The trees and forests were wonderful too.

I loved these skeletal leaf shadows.

Colour, texture and pattern everywhere.

After all that, a brief but glorious sunset, whilst enjoying a beer on the beach.

Next week, Porto the city and all it’s ups and downs… literally ! Catch up on Monday, hope you’ve been enjoying this series of posts about life in Portugal.












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