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MMU Degree Show 2018 Part 2

June 18, 2018

Hi and welcome back to part 2 of my blogpost about the Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2018. For you local peeps it’s open until 20th June so you’ve still got a couple of days to pop along and see it. For those readers who live a little further afield, I’ve taken some images to share with you.

Let’s begin with some wire-work from Rosemary Brown.

Joe Bazalgette Zanetti revealed the time consuming process of making a mould for a glass vase. I did think about those sixties vases from Whitefriars when I saw all the colours lined up. Great work Joe. Bailey Shooter showed us that shards and segments could equally be as beautiful as the whole form.

Francesca has gathered sand from 16 places in Italy, near to where she’s from and used it in her ceramics, to add texture and distinction to each piece.

Silver pieces from Maisie Smith, a beautifully designed table with inlaid wood by Anna Evseeva and some contemporary retro  cabinets from Samuel Ellis.

Sarah Lyons takes reference and influence from old rural wheat weaving forms like the Irish St Brigid’s Cross (above left). She’s made some wonderful pieces based on this one idea alone.

Moving onto the Illustration department. Some fresh quirky work from Olivia Axson.

Folk tale illustrations from Nafeesa Khaliq.

Fresh, vibrant lines from Sarah Wilson and Hannah Williams.

Laurie Campbell explores myths and legends.

Maisy Summer Lewin-Sanderson reveals some fabulous cutout singers and musicians, inspired by the Night and Day Cafe.

Ravilious style retro print from Amy Needham.

Lines and angles everywhere.

Finally to this years favourite choice for me, sumptous food illustrations from Alexandra Boocock.

Good enough to eat !

I hope you’ve enjoyed my trip to this years MMU Degree Show, which was your favourite.














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