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Fishink In Edinburgh

September 17, 2018

Welcome back to Fishinkblog. It’s been a busy couple of weeks this side of the postings as I’ve been to both Liverpool and Edinburgh, spending some time catching up with art (i.e. The surprisingly good Egon Schiele exhibition at The Tate, on until 23rd September) and just seeing what’s new (and old) in two of my fav cities.

Great to revisit Cafe Tabac at the top of Bold Street, It’s been around since 1974 and has always been a fab artistic cafe to meet creative folk in the city centre. Also spotting this rather over sized cat terrorizing the local seagulls, or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Edinburgh was a very welcome mini break, recharging batteries and reacquainting myself with this fine city.

At the Modern Art Museum, there were some very impressive entries in a schools competition organised by Tesco.

Judged in about 4 age categories, I was delighted to see such wonderful finalists.

Lovely to visit a little of the outdoor spaces too.

Edinburgh has some of the finest architecture and buildings.

I spent a whole day mooching around the Stockbridge area which is a great mixture of some really interesting independent shops and some of the best charity shops I’ve ever been in. Golden Hare Books has a lovely children’s reading room in the back, where I could easily have spent a small fortune !

Gift shops galore too, I particularly liked this one An Independant Zebra who sell plenty of great locally designed goods.

Something for everyone.

Even and Angie Lewin’s fabric covering an antique chair.

Another beautiful store is called Life Story, a Scandinavian design led shop with both Nordic and home grown brands.

A few of my own gifts to the friend who was kindly letting me stay.

A quick trip to the Scottish Gallery and an exhibition of the work by Stephen Bowers.

More great places to discover.

Thanks Edinburgh for being such a bustling and creative city, oh and for the sunny weather too.




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