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Walks, the Whitworth and Sale Arts Fair’s “Yule Do”

November 12, 2018

Hello there, welcome to the autumnal section of the year. I’ve been looking back over the past months photos I’ve taken and thought I’d share a few as they are full of colour, nature and things that seem to make me sigh a lot with happiness.

I’ve been lucky to capture some beautiful days and that great changing seasonal colouration that you lucky readers in New England get every year around this time.

Some of the trees have been ablaze with colour.

My dog Boo has loved getting out and about too, although she does become a little difficult to spot when the leaves and her coat are the same shade.

Yes some time for relaxing, it is a dogs life after all !

Vernon Park in Stockport and Style Woods have been fab spots for a crunchy leaf walks lately.

Boo needs her superdog cape every now and then, mostly when she flies in her sleep : )

I also made it to the recent exhibition by William Kentridge at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. William is renowned for his animated drawings and films that have been exhibited throughout the world since the 1980s. I last saw his work back in 2013 at the Tate in London.

Combining drawing, tapestry, music and film projection as well as sculpture, this major touring exhibition draws on sources as broad as early cinema, China’s Cultural Revolution, opera, scientific theories of time and space and the generative qualities of nature and creativity.

My favourite exhibition today was that of the work of Alice Kettle.

EntitledThread Bearing Witness  is a major new series of large textiles, and other works, to be shown at the Whitworth, that considers cultural heritage, refugee displacement and movement, while engaging with individual migrants and their creativity within the wider context of the global refugee crisis.

Alice Kettle is a highly regarded contemporary artist focused upon stitched textiles, a powerful medium through which to explore these themes. Thread Bearing Witness represents displacement though the migration of stitches, using the three strands of artistic representation, participation and creative resilience, testing ways of belonging within a cultural space, and using textile as a medium of integration, collective expression and resilience to displacement.

The scale alone was breathtaking.

Great to see such swathes of rich colours too.

And the smaller details didn’t go unnoticed. Well worth a visit.

This Saturday 17th, I’ll be exhibiting my new range of ceramic pieces in St Paul’s Church, Sale between 10 and 5pm, alongside about 25 other designer-makers. It’s free to get in, so please come along, say hello and pick up a beautiful early Christmas present for yourself or a friend.

For those of you who can’t attend, (due to being on the other side of the globe), I’ll be putting some more pieces onto my site on Etsy very soon, please check it out and treat yourself.

I had a Blue Peter moment this week and made myself a display stand out of foam board. I was quite pleased with the results, although my accurate scalpel cutting and glue gun control need more practice.

Some new pin badges, wall hanging ceramics and creatures going into the kiln for their first firing.

Before clear glazing everything (below) for it’s second firing.

A few pieces I’ll work back into with additional artwork, like this floral decoration above.

Looking forward to seeing some of you on Saturday, do spread the word if you are local to Manchester and Sale and if not have a look at my Etsy site for inspiration in a weeks time.







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  1. December 2, 2018 11:58 pm

    Wow, Alice Kettle’s work… breathtaking. Hey, I like your foam core display!

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