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More about Mary Blair

November 26, 2018

In a blog concerned with mid century art, the artist Mary Blair is bound to crop up a fair few times. I recently came across another book about her by John Canemaker. Entitled ‘Magic Color Flair. The World of Mary Blair.

It was created for the Walt Disney Family Museum 2014 Mary Blair exhibit, of the same name, and is an authoritative collection of Blair’s life and work including the precocious paintings she made as a student at the renowned Chouinard Art Institute; the enchanting concept drawings she created for numerous Disney films; her lovely illustrated Golden Books, which are still treasured today; and the rarely seen but delightful advertisements, clothing designs, and large-scale installations that she devised later in life.

Curated by Academy Award winning animator John Canemaker and annotated with fascinating information about her artistic process, ‘Magic Color Flair’ is a bold, lively look into the work of an equally bold and lively creative, whose invaluable influence and keen eye helped shape some of the world favorite Disney experiences.

As I’ve already got the ‘Art and Flair of Mary Blair’, I may have to place this one under ‘future investments’.

After a little research I stumbled across this piece below which was sold at auction originally from Mary’s estate and dated 1966. It is said to be an early study for Mary’s tiled murals called ‘Tomorrowland’.

Here’s what the murals turned out to look like.

Such a wonderful array of colour, movement, style and well plain joy to be honest !

She had a great talent for bringing design and illustration to a large marketplace, in a friendly and creative way.

A few more snippets of Mary’s work I’d not seen for a while.

Some old favourites for Alice in Wonderland,

Peter Pan and Cinderella.

The classic rags to riches story.

I love Mary’s great sense of colour, style and application of paint.

Some mid fifties advertising and an early sketch for some Indian and African inspired designs.

You can also see a short sixties film about the making of the tiled murals for Mary’s designs here. I’ve also created more posts about Mary which you can see by clicking on the links under Mid Century Artists on the right side of my blog. Thank you.







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  1. November 26, 2018 8:42 pm

    wow thank you for sharing!! her works are so fascinating and such a huge inspiration for an emerging illustrator like me 🙂

    • November 26, 2018 8:49 pm

      Thank you for your comment. Mary worked in quite a few different styles. It’s worth looking at more of her work, if you’ve enjoyed the examples here. Glad you found it inspiring.

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