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Sale Arts Trail 2019 and AWOL Studios Open Evening

July 22, 2019

I should have posted this last week but the anniversary of the Moon Landing took priority. I had a great weekend (13th/14th) taking part in the Sale Arts Trail at Minikin Art Cafe. Many thanks to the lovely Claire and Alfie for keeping us company over the weekend.

Here’s some of the work from the other artists I shared the weekend with. Porcelain ceramics from Nicola Briggs.

Jewellery made from crocheted and French knitted silver wire by

Suzanne Claire

Finely embroidered cushions from Avrile Corbett.

Sophisticated Millinery by Emma Fozard.

Ceramic Jewellery from

Tracey Birchwood Jewellery

Thank you to everyone for your creative chats, to the organisers Jo and Sophie and to everyone who came on the trail for a look or who purchased items from us.

Saturday was also the Open Studios evening for, exciting for me as this 5 storey mill has been home to artists for the past 14 years and I didn’t know about it ! The artists had opened their studios from 6 til 10pm but as we didn’t arrive until 8pm (after my evening meal !) it was a rush to try and see as much as possible. It feels quite a refreshingly, creative space.

I didn’t meet Wayne Hart but thought his stone carvings were great. (

Nor did I get to speak to but her daughter told me what a change moving to AWOL has made to her mum’s work over the last six months.

The two pieces above are older work and below is a new more fluid, looser style, that is developing. Wonderful colours.

One of the first artists I spoke to was Loren Fetterman a really interesting guy who is a painter, illustrator, and custom tattoo artist. Loren also has a degree in computer games, an M.A. in Religious Studies and a lifelong love of martial arts, eastern philosophy, and western esotericism. Quite a creative mix.

He is such a talentented illustrator and manages to entwine, folk lore, ancient symbols and mystical entities into his wildly creative designs.

If ever I wanted a tattoo, he’s the man !

Also an interesting guy to chat to with a calm and peaceful soul too. Thanks Loren, I enjoyed our musings on illustration and life.

I had another conversation with portrait painter and art teacher Christopher Clements, who directs ‘Northern Realist’ which teaches short courses in drawing and painting rooted in the classical atelier tradition. You can find out more by clicking on the Home button below.


Christopher manages to inject such life and character into his canvasses that they almost come to life through his paintings. Great work.

Illustrator Kirsty Haikney works with Barry Yearsley, together they form a working partnership called Double Thumbs Up.

” We met working in museums, designing and curating exhibitions. We bonded over our love of doodling, drawing and making. We began making and designing gifts together in our lunch hours and spare time, selling our products on Not on the High Street and Etsy. We still sell via those sites and have now expanded our business to include wholesale into gift boutiques and shops. In 2016 we left our museum jobs to work on Double Thumbs Up full time. Now, as well as designing and selling, we work together on other creative projects, keeping a hand in exhibition design, curatorial work and product design. ”

Here’s a sneaky preview of some of their latest designs.

The last artist I managed to speak to was Ian Morris. He has both a B.A. and M.A. in Illustration and has been recognised by the Association of Illustrators, acknowledging him in their Top 10 Upcoming Image Makers, featured in Varoom.

His creativity shines through his work, and with a touch of Quentin Blake thrown in the mix, he has a multitude of great styles.

He is even appearing over a four page spread in next months BBC History magazine. This young chap is going places… fast.

Finally a couple of shots showing my work and stand from the weekend. I did manage to sell a few of my ceramics, framed original illustrations and greeting cards.

Perhaps not as busy as previous years but with the Wimbledon Final, Grand Prix and England v New Zealand Cricket match all on the same day, there was more than a little sporting competition lol

I got lots of compliments on my display and the new greeting card designs also proved to be popular.

If anyone who couldn’t make the weekend is interested in making a purchase, you can contact me with an idea of what you are looking for and I can send you photos of what is still available.  Many thanks.

Thanks to everyone at SAT and AWOL for chatting and allowing me to photograph their work. Such an inspirational day all round.

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