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Steve Millington Contemporary-Retro Illustrator

January 9, 2022

It was two years ago this month that we lost the talented Illustrator Steve Millington. Originally born in Horwich, Greater Manchester, he studied at Bolton College of Art in the late 1980s, then trained as a glass engraver and designer at Lancashire Crystal; before learning the craft of traditional sign painting. Here’s a Fishmongers shop front he painted.

Steve worked under the names Dry British, Lord Dunsby and Hisknibs, creating textile prints, book illustrations and T-shirt designs for a range of different clients.

He created very sucessful campains for the likes of RAC, Virgin…

and Fortnum and Mason.

He was also as well renown for his work characterising the Beatnik era and Jazz Icons, as he is for his retro style cards and posters which he sold from his personal website.

He also worked with Robert O’Byrne on a series of books about the well dressed Gentleman.

In his spare time he was also a keen cyclist.

His influences were many and varied, from Peter Blake to Quentin Blake, Carnaby kitsch to the dadaists. His work managed to be both current and yet regain a sense of timelessness.

He even animated an informative video about the perils of Fracking !!

Such a loss to the world in general and specifically the world of illustration, long may his joyful work live on. If you liked Steve’s work you may also like these past posts about the work of Derek Yaniger and Cliff Roberts. Enjoy

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  1. Beau Millington permalink
    July 8, 2022 9:40 pm

    Hi, I’m Steve’s son. It’s so amazing to still have my dads work appreciated and it’s clear to see that people are still making kind comments about his artistic skill and sharing his work. I would just like to note that he passed away in January 2020, so it would be nearly two years ago from the time this was posted. Thanks so much for this article.

    • July 8, 2022 10:08 pm

      Hi Beau, many thanks for your comments. Firstly, so sorry to hear of his passing and secondly his work was amazing and must have influenced so many other designers and artists during the years that he was creating his illustrations. If there is anything else you feel is missing from this article, like sketchbooks or ideas that you would like to add then I would happily extend it to do that. I hope this finds you well and thanks again for saying hi. All the best Craig

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