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Lisa Larson Sale this week !!!!

February 28, 2022

Hi everyone. Today I have some very exciting news for you.

I am having an auction-style sale of some of my Lisa Larson figures. if like me you have always wanted to own one of her beautiful midcentury figures, well here is your chance.

Starting tomorrow (i.e. Tuesday 1st March) at 10am GMT they will be available on my Instagram feed at

If you are interested in bidding on anything, you can do so by leaving a comment below the photo and description of the piece of ceramic you like on my feed. That way, the most up to date bid will always be at the top of the comments, so you can see what is presently ‘winning’.

Each of the fourteen ceramics have a starting price (top left) and the costs of postage will be approximately £10 per item (in the UK) for next day special delivery. People bidding from other countries will be contacted after the bidding finishes on Saturday at 10pm GMT, to finalise safe delivery costs with them personally, probably on the Sunday. All ceramic deliveries will travel insured and fully tracked to your door.

For those of you without an instagram account who might also like to place a bid, I will accept serious bids left in the comments below this feed. Please remember that other people’s bids will be added on the instagram account too, so you might not have the highest bid at any one time. I shall try and update people’s bidding amounts on here at the end of each day. Please use the number in the corner of each ceramics photo between 1 and 14, so that it’s clear what your bid selection is and your bid price in £’s.

All bids will cease to be accepted after 10pm on Saturday March 5th. The highest bid will win the item and the winner will be notified of the final amount (ie with postage) for a safely insured postage to their door on Sunday 6th March. Payments will be made via Paypal, you don’t need a Paypal account in order to use their services.

Here is a list of what is for sale.

1. Fox from Lilla Zoo series. Produced 1956-78 dimensions H7cms, L13 cms, W5cms

2. Lion Cub from Afrika Series. Produced 1964- dimensions H5cms, L5cms, W5cms

3. Telka Bird from Phoenix Bird series. Produced 1990’s. Rare colouration. H12cms, L9cms W7cms

4. Sitting Cat (1) from Lilla Zoo series. Produced 1956-78. H12cms, L7cms, W5cms

5. Small Bulldog from Kennel series. Produced 1977-79, 1992- H7cms, L8cms, W6cms

6. Standing Cat from Lilla Zoo series. Produced 1956-78 H11cms, L9.5cms, W3.5cms

7. Sitting Cat (2) from Lilla Zoo series. Produced 1956-78. H12cms, L7cms, W5cms

8. Dachshund DOG from Lilla Zoo series. Produced 1956-78 H5cms, L15cms, W4cms

9. Face Vase. Produced 1977-90’s H13cms, L9.5cms W9.5cms

10. Wolverine from Nordic Zoo series. Produced 1977-80’s H8cms, L15cms, W7cms

11. Maria from Children of the World series. Produced 1977- H14cms, l5cms, W4cms

12. West from Children of the World series. Produced 1977- H14cms, l5cms, W4cms

13. Three Bird Plaque from Harlequin series. Produced 1960-69 H19cms, L19cms, W2.5cms

14. Blue Advent Pig, four candle holder, Produced 1965-71 H8cms, L33cms, W7cms

Don’t forget you can find the live bidding here at

Do get in touch if you need any more information. Thank you Craig.

After the bidding has started I will update the highest bid amounts at the end of each day (Tuesday to Saturday) below here. Pop back to see if your bid is winning.

Latest Bid Prices.

  1. Fox £110

2. Lion Cub £80

3. Bird £110

4. Sitting Cat (1) £110

5. Bulldog £100

6. Standing Cat £110

7. Sitting Cat (2) £110

8. Dachshund Dog £110

9. Face Vase £100

10. Wolverine £120

11. Maria £90

12. West £90

13. Three Bird Plaque £140

14. Blue Pig Candle Holder £250

Happy Bidding Everyone : )

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