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Fishink Vintage Book Covers

April 18, 2022

Fishinkblog 8948 Vintage Book Covers 1

Happy Easter everyone. I thought a splash of retro colour may go down well from the collection of Vintage Book Covers that I’ve been amassing. I hope nobody minds too much : )  Let’s begin with a few mid century foreign titles.

Fishinkblog 8949 Vintage Book Covers 2

A great variation in styles here.

Fishinkblog 8950 Vintage Book Covers 3 Fishinkblog 8951 Vintage Book Covers 4

A smattering of more informative books.

Fishinkblog 8952 Vintage Book Covers 5

All kinds of travel.

Fishinkblog 8953 Vintage Book Covers 6

Animals of course !

Fishinkblog 8954 Vintage Book Covers 7 Fishinkblog 8956 Vintage Book Covers 9

A good mix of different countries, subjects, age ranges and illustrative styles here.

Fishinkblog 8957 Vintage Book Covers 10 Fishinkblog 8958 Vintage Book Covers 11 Fishinkblog 8959 Vintage Book Covers 12

I love these decorated books, some patterns belonging to King Penguin Book Covers.

Fishinkblog 8955 Vintage Book Covers 8

Does anyone remember reading any of these titles when they were young ? I hope they might inspire some wonderful old memories. Do let me know.

Did anyone spot the covers by Alice and Martin Provensen, Leonard Weisgard and Edward Bawden ? Full marks if you did.

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  1. April 19, 2022 9:07 am

    What fun covers! This post brightened my morning. Thank you.

  2. psvallejos permalink
    April 20, 2022 3:07 pm


  3. April 27, 2022 4:19 am

    These are great. In many public school libraries today, they eliminate any books with dark covers… just because of the color.

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