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Fishink in Liverpool, The Bluecoat Display Centre

October 31, 2012

I want to start this post by saying hello to all the readers from America, particularly the NY and East Coast regions that have been struck by the effects of the Hurricane. Our thoughts are with you and I hope all is well.

I was in Liverpool on Monday, checking out the Bluecoat Display Centre and later the John Moores Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery. The garden at the Bluecoat, never fails to surprise or delight me.

The perspex shapes were engraved with people’s memories of the garden and space. They worked so well, catching the light and adding a twirling, kinetic movement to the foliage.

The gallery shop is always packed with goodies. Here’s a few items that were either my favourites or that simply stood out.

An insect house was tucked against one wall under a fig tree with huge rubbery leaves. Great shapes.

Some familiar sights for those of you who know Liverpool well. The liver Birds on the Royal Liver Buildings and the Catholic Cathedral amongst them.

For lunch we met up with a friend at the cafe in The Victoria Gallery and Museum. Sadly the museum was closed on mondays, but it looks like a good place to head back to another time.

Come back for images and news of the entries in this years John Moores Exhibition, here on friday.

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