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The John Moores Painting Prize and China Exhibition 2012 at the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool

November 2, 2012

This is the second blog from my trip to liverpool this week. Predominately to see the John Moores Painting Prize and Painting Prize China Exhibition which is on now until January 6th at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. As usual there was a wide range of artists work. These are some of my favourites. Sadly the pigeons outside weren’t part of the show !

Although Sarah Pickstone’s Piece won the show, I thought there were better pieces in the running, sorry Sarah. Like Damien Meade’s haunting ‘Talcum’ and I loved the stunning colours and ‘Festival of Britain feel’ from Biggs and Collings.

Lovely texture and colour, painstakingly painted by Zheng Jiang.

The charming realist work by Hannah Brown, the striking viewpoint of Graham Chorlton and the unusual, yet familiar, canvas from Laura Keeble all caught my eye.

But for me this stunning photo realist portrait by Hu Wenlong, literally stole away my breath. It’s called ‘Aphasia’, (an impairment of language ability). I would have chosen this painting as my first choice and if I was judging the show from the perspective as to which piece I would gladly hang on my wall, I would have picked the Biggs and Collings. What would you have chosen ?

There’s over sixty exhibiting artists in both exhibitions more about them here.

Plenty more to see in Liverpool for a great day out. She loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah !

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