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Heaton Sparks Fire Festival

November 5, 2012

I was lucky to see a tweet about a local event outside of Manchester. It was called Heaton Sparks and had been organised by the National Trust and a creative force of artists, theatre makers, pyrotechnicians called Walk The Plank.

We were greeted by the ringmaster / Lady of the Manor who welcomed us to the event and led us through a gateway and into the garden of fiery delights.

In the garden were a huge collection of large metal carved brasiers and primeval looking fire spurting plants. There was a team of five, extremely acrobatic and talented pyromaniacs, filling the air with the small of kerosene and our eyes with a myriad of fire-drawn shapes in the night air. It was quite magical.

I really liked some of these motion blurry images.

There was additional lighting, lanterns and sound effects creating a mystical and dreamlike atmosphere. It was the first time, for a long time as an adult, that I really felt a childhood sense of excitement, how rare lol

The performers went on for about an hour and then we were led (as a group of about 100 people) to a space in front of the hall at Heaton Park, and the grand finale began !

It really was quite a special evening and was sooo cold that the warm scarves, gloves and extra layers of clothing were all the more welcome (and necessary).

Thanks to everyone involved in making this an amazing event. I hope there’s a repeat performance next year. Happy 5th November everyone !

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