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Helen Borten Illustration Heaven Part 2

September 25, 2013

Fishinkblog 6278 Helen Borten 9

Helen Borten’s work is a firm favourite of mine.  Here are a few more illustrations from books I’ve recently acquired. Some lovely effects here and as usual, such great diversity in Helen’s work.

Fishinkblog 6279 Helen Borten 10 Fishinkblog 6280 Helen Borten 11 Fishinkblog 6281 Helen Borten 12

Another book, another style.

Fishinkblog 6282 Helen Borten 13 Fishinkblog 6283 Helen Borten 14 Fishinkblog 6284 Helen Borten 15

Lastly ‘ Do You Know What I Know ? ‘

Fishinkblog 6285 Helen Borten 16 Fishinkblog 6286 Helen Borten 17 Fishinkblog 6287 Helen Borten 18

Two of my designs created from a hybrid of mine and Helen’s work.. just for fun.

Fishinkblog 6291 Helen Borten 22

Fishinkblog 6292 Helen Borten 23

More about Helen here and here and more to come soon too.

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