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Blog Awards UK

November 18, 2014

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Blog Arads UK

Today I need to ask a big favour from all of my readers. I’ve been entered for the Blog Awards UK along with hundreds or other blogs and as the chance of winning is based on being voted for, then I need to ask you to please vote for me and the Fishink Blog.

Not that I’m longing for some international acclaim or anything, but when you work on something for a large percentage of each week, then it would be great to achieve some recognition. But we’ll see, we’re not off to a great start as the email I was supposed to get a week ago with my entry details for voting didn’t arrive … so I’m already a week behind with the votes : (

Ahh well, what will be will be…

Please share this with all your friends and take one minute to vote here today.

Big, big thank yous : )  Craig


P.S. The site has periods of being ‘statistically overwhelmed’ due to the number of visitors and is sometimes unobtainable. Do please persevere and retry in order to get your vote to count. Most appreciated.

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  1. janelittlefieldglass permalink
    November 18, 2014 10:04 am

    Done! with pleasure

  2. November 18, 2014 10:34 am

    Done. Good luck!

  3. Elaine permalink
    November 18, 2014 11:06 am

    Didn’t even hesitate! Love your blog and good luck!

  4. Claire permalink
    November 18, 2014 12:37 pm

    I quite understand how long it takes to blog and you really blog so I hope you get the recognition you deserve – I voted 😉 Good luck

  5. November 18, 2014 1:50 pm

    Craig! Love your blog. Particularly the vintage kids book covers; the mid century art and your highlights on current artists as well as artist from the past and there contributions. I’m not just saying it, but I just voted you in as my favourite blog! Ha, good luck Craig!

    • November 18, 2014 3:54 pm

      Many thanks David. I’m really enjoying reading these comments and once my head has returned to it’s normal size, I’ll be working on more posts lol

  6. November 18, 2014 3:27 pm

    Done–and it was a no-brainer. This is my favourite UK blog. Good luck!

    • November 18, 2014 3:53 pm

      Great to hear you say so, and always lovely for me to appreciate the support behind the blog. Many thanks

  7. November 18, 2014 7:02 pm

    Did it! I look at only one other UK blog, and your’s is the most inspiring, creative, interesting, and I don’t have a Special Folder that I save the other’s posts in for reference when I am wanting a Day Brightener… oops, there goes your head again! 😀 On another note, I understand wanting feed back when blogging. Although we blog for ‘ourselves’, if we don’t get feedback, it’s like what the heck?

    • November 18, 2014 7:20 pm

      I’m honoured to be classed as a ‘special folder’ on your machine Joy. Thanks for my own day brightener… and for voting !

  8. November 18, 2014 7:03 pm

    correction here… ‘yours’. couldn’t go on with my day if I didn’t do that!

  9. November 18, 2014 7:31 pm

    Read blog. Followed link. Voted!! Its always a pleasure waking up to your blog m’lovely and your choices of pics are always beautiful – you have real style and class!! Wishing you much luck for all the success in the world!! xxxx

  10. susan day permalink
    November 18, 2014 7:47 pm

    have done Fishink good luck you deserve it x

  11. November 18, 2014 8:06 pm

    Just voted for you…love your blog- brightens my week



    • November 18, 2014 9:49 pm

      Thank you Su, glad to help with some illustrative sunshine

  12. November 19, 2014 9:40 pm

    Just voted, good luck!

  13. boabee1 permalink
    November 22, 2014 5:29 pm

    You put so much work and research into your blogs, you deserve an award. Good luck X

  14. November 22, 2014 5:30 pm

    I’ve voted for you!! Good luck!! xxxx

    • November 22, 2014 6:17 pm

      Many thanks Lizzie, hope you’re feeling better today. It was a sunny one here (how lucky are we ! )

      • November 22, 2014 6:18 pm

        I am having an internet day in my jimjams so am toasty warm at home thanks! Good luck for the awards m’lovely, it would so good if your wonderful work was recognised on a national scale!! xxx

      • November 22, 2014 6:20 pm

        Sounds like good planning to me. Enjoy some ‘indoor’ time. x

      • November 22, 2014 6:20 pm

        And have a fab weekend yourself!! xxx

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