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Ebay browsing in the 1950’s

June 29, 2015

Occasionally, but much more rarely these days, I would spend a half hour perusing Ebay, rooting through it’s 1950’s and 60’s ‘online treasures’ and sometimes finding a poster, book cover or piece of ceramic that catches my eye. Here’s a few I thought you might enjoy too.

Fishinkblog 9143 1950's Ebay 1

Old adverts for children’s sweets, I know the names but the packaging had changed when I last saw them in a sweet shop.

Fishinkblog 9144 1950's Ebay 2

Product advertising posters.

Fishinkblog 9145 1950's Ebay 3

These lovely couple of prints, the top one had a rush of bids at the last minute and went for over £60, lovely work.

Fishinkblog 9146 1950's Ebay 4

A few book and card illustrations from different parts and climates.

Fishinkblog 9147 1950's Ebay 5

More typical 1950’s work.

Fishinkblog 9148 1950's Ebay 6

Some paintings, wallpaper and textile designs.

Fishinkblog 9149 1950's Ebay 7 Fishinkblog 9150 1950's Ebay 8

Possibly a couple of modern designs (below) inspired by the Festival of Britain.

Fishinkblog 9151 1950's Ebay 9

It’s great what you can discover that’s been living in someone’s cupboard all these years : ) Do you have any interesting 1950’s mementos ?

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