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Still searching for Anthony Hutchings …

June 26, 2015

In 2011, I came across a book called NurseryLand Annual 1969 and wrote this Blog post about the mystery illustrator called simply ‘Hutchings’.

Since then in 2012, the site Magic Jelly posted more, and last year the site Pictures From An Old Book published more.

From my recent searchings on Amazon, I’m pretty certain the illustrator is called Anthony Hutchings, (and could have changed that to Tony Hutchings) but that is still all that we know. He created these memorable illustrations back in the late sixties and early seventies, does anyone know anymore ? They certainly seem to be memorable books for quite a few of you readers from the USA.

Fishinkblog 8720 Anthony Hutchings 1

I think his work is too stylish and elegant to not be featured elsewhere.

Fishinkblog 8721 Anthony Hutchings 2

Fishinkblog 8722 Anthony Hutchings 3

Fishinkblog 8723 Anthony Hutchings 4

If anyone can shed any light on this mystery illustrator, or if you have any more images of his work, then please let me know. The plot thickens ! Have a great weekend too.

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