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Fishink in Manchester. From Fashion to Fire station.

September 12, 2016

Hello everyone, welcome to Monday once again. I am seriously questioning where the week goes in between my blog postings. Am I just getting older or is time literally flying by these days lol ? Does anyone else feel the same ? I completed a commission piece for a client in the week…. this was the basic layout for it.


I had a chance to visit some exhibitions and places around Manchester over the last weekend, that I had been meaning to get to for quite some time. I seized the opportunity.  First stop was Manchester Art Gallery and three exhibitions. The first was called ‘Fashion and Freedom’ and looked at the change in women’s fashion from pre-war to afterwards. Looking at how styles had altered and also some modern designers responses to a brief using Restriction & Release as a starting point.


Some pretty bizarre outfits I must admit, but also some clever use of ideas in terms of restriction and freedom, like in these two outfits below, top left .


Boris Nzebo who was born in Gabon, central Africa in 1979, uses large canvasses to tell stories from daily life in the city of Douala, Cameroon, where he now resides. He explores themes of urban life and identity and uses bright colours, influenced by the posters he used to see in beauty/ hair parlours when he was small. Made me think of Bowie and Grayson Perry all at once.



There is always a top collection of children’s books in the gallery bookshop to tempt one’s pocket.


I wonder why this one caught my eye : )


The real ‘must see’, free exhibition is the 100 years of Vogue photos and covers, on show until October 30th. A fascinating social, photographic commentary on changing themes, styles and trends. Beautiful, captivating shots by the likes of Lee Miller, Horst, Bruce Weber, David Bailey and

And if you need a break, there’s always some great food and rest spaces to be found in the cafe, for when the art gets too much lol.


Worth popping in to see the Japanese Design exhibition too. I always admired the work of Comme des Garçons, Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake from my early days studying Fashion design at Ravensbourne.



Intricate and stylish at the same time.


More clever folding and constructions.



Further along the road from the Art Gallery is the hidden away Portico Gallery, with a collaborative exhibition between and artist and a sculptor. Even though it’s only a small space and tiny exhibition, the pieces did make an impression and created some intrigue by making you question their meaning, purpose and point of origin.



Finally on the Sunday there was a craft fair being held at the old Fire Station on London Road. A great opportunity to see, yet more art and also view the insides of this great space before it’s converted into a hotel and restaurant.


Whole communities used to live on site, in the dwelling spaces under where the billboards are in this photo below. Back in the days when the fire engines were just water carts, and the horse power to get to the fire, wasn’t an engine at all, but simply a horse ! What a wonderful space.


Some very interesting, quality designers and makers there.


Flying paper birds and pop art.


I just had to capture Joe& Co’s stand, as it looked fantastic against the peeling, painted blue of the engine shelter.


Something for everyone, food and live music too.


fishinkblog-10182-fishink-in-manchester-21 fishinkblog-10183-fishink-in-manchester-22

Good old Manchester, always plenty of new things to see, I forget how lucky I am to have it all on my doorstep. I must make an effort to go there more often : )




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