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What’s new Pussycat ?

September 19, 2016

There’s quite a few ‘must see’ exhibitions already on, or coming up in the next few weeks. Whether I’ll get to many is another matter. as I’m frantically busy doing a new course at a local university for the next few weekends, but if anyone else does make it to any of the following, be sure to give me a rundown : )

Let’s start with something that has been on since early July and that’s the John Moores Painting Prize 2016 which is on in Liverpool at the beautiful Walker Art Gallery, 9th July until 27th November. Thanks to my good friend Gill, who took some photos when she went recently, so we could share a flavour of it.


Does anyone else think of Hockney when they see these reclining figures ?


I love the floating boats here.

Hopping further north to Edinburgh, to the Scottish Gallery‘s Exhibition of Michael McVeigh’s whimsical work. Perhaps my northern friends will be popping into that one. Eh Rick, Carys, Mel, Eileen and Jess ?


I’m thinking Grandma Moses, Alfred Wallis and a tiny smattering of Chagall here : )



A great range of work here, from drawings, to etchings and paintings.

Next we move closer to home and what I’m hoping will be a beautiful collection of the work of

This is on at Manchester Metropolitan University 12th September until 18th November. Well worth a gander.


Finally for today there’s the beautiful Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair taking place between 7th and 9th October 2016. It’s here again at the end of Quay Street, a few meters from the junction with Gartside Street, accessible from Deansgate in Manchester city centre. More amazing design work to come !

These alone from Deva Booth would be reason enough to go lol. Enjoy you lucky people. Apologies to all our overseas readers to tempt you in such a way : )







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