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Fishink Walks Nr Kearsley, Bolton.

March 27, 2017

I should start today on a happy note, by thanking my good friend Helen Birch for her blog-swop post which you can find on her great site here at draw draw draw. Talking about myself and my love of dogs… no surprises there then lol

I noticed that Helen had linked this wonderful video about children’s drawing by Delphine Burrus, it holds a message that we often forget !

Continuing, but on a more serious note, I’d also like to mention to all my dog owning readers that there are increasing worries over the dumping of tanker-waste of palm oil out at sea, where fragments are washing ashore onto Britain’s (and probably other countries) beaches. They have already been discovered on the Wirral, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Cornwall and Devon coastlines. Dogs are being drawn to the fatty smell but when they eat/ lick these toxic fragments, they are dying.. within hours of contact !!.

Sample of washed-up Palm Oil formed into a large lump found on Rottingden Beach, East Sussex after heavy storms.

More info here, please spread the word to other dog owners you may know, who may not read my blog and let’s keep our dogs safe !!

Ok, onto today’s post…. I feel it’s been quite a wet quarterly start to the year this year. Apparently the average rainfall (month by month), doesn’t vary that much from year to year. I’m hoping that the figures are right and somehow the rain for the next quarter has already been spent !!

One (not quite so damp) Sunday, we braved the winds and made a trip near to Kearsley, in Bolton, to explore part of a canal path walk. The bridge and church looked very pretty, even without the aid of sunshine. Good job my dog Boo is keeping watch, hey, I might have lost my way then if it wasn’t for my trusty lookout lol. I think the birds have been secretly dancing at midnight again.

On the other side of the river, the forest trail begins. You can see how damp it’s been by the moss and wealth of fungus around.

The photos (fortunately for you lucky readers) don’t quite do the mud levels justice. So it all looks much more pleasant than it actually was.

In warmer times I imagine this would be a pretty place to amble. Even though it’s right in the middle of an old industrial landscape, nature has found it’s way to weave back into the environment and we were lucky to see this Heron standing-statuesque on the far side of the canal, some two meters away.

This impressive Meccano-style bridge was constructed on the site of the demolished horse-bridge back in 2012. Designed by the artist Liam Curtin, it is an accurate replica of the original Meccano pieces, but increased in scale by ten. There are picnic tables and a bench too. I’ve submitted this to my friend’s site The World Bench Project. If you have any images of pretty benches or ones in unusual places (or made from unusual materials) then please upload them to the site and share your benches from all around the world.

Here’s Miss Boo looking like queen of the Meccano bridge (who goes there.. you shall not pass… ok maybe if you have biscuits) I think it’s time to head back whilst her paws aren’t too covered in mud ! You can see where the canal locks are being redeveloped.

Tell me…. where have you been to lately ?












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  1. March 27, 2017 7:06 pm

    I love the pics Craig!! Especially the one of Boo peeking over the wall – she always steals the show!!! Loving the landscapes too, keep ’em coming! xxxx

    • April 3, 2017 7:58 am

      Thanks Lizzie, you know Boo, she always gets the comments…Show stopper and show stealer lol

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