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Guest Blog with Helen Birch from Draw Draw Draw

March 20, 2017

Hey it’s the first day of Spring today, and it’s pouring down !..mmm let’s hope it’s not a sign of things to come. ‘Happy Springtime’ everyone.

I met up with an old friend Helen last week. We studied Textile Design together at Nottingham Polytechnic, back in the 80’s (in the days before it turned in to a University) … gosh how old does that make me feel ! Helen is an art lecturer, a social media advocate and has created the highly successful blog Draw Draw Draw, and is the author of two best selling books ‘Freehand’ (which features my own work on the old cover), ‘Just Add Watercolour’ and a third, soon to be released  called ‘Drawn From Life’ (out March 23rd).

Helen says…

It’s always good to catch up with my old art school buddy Craig over at Fishkink….or even better – for real – over a lovely cup of coffee

We talked about all sorts. It’s always good to compare notes about what we’ve been making, seeing, blogging about and thinking about doing. The dialogue inevitably includes ‘so what are you busy with right now?’.  My reply: I’m waiting for the arrival of my new book ‘Drawn from Life’.

It was lovely to see that some of Craig’s most recent work had included collaborating with a jeweller – combining his love of illustration with his beloved Boo.. this time in 3D. Dog talk is always something I’m happy to do, especially since I’ve become an active borrower and walker of pooches on the site/app ‘Borrow My Doggy’. Canine chats gave us an idea: why not do a guest blog feature on each other’s blogs with a dog theme as our prompt?

Here are a just few dog drawings I’ve enjoyed looking at recently:

ANJA ZAHARANSKI (dogs can bark) for her beautifully observed drawings. Her website is here. Or you can find her on Etsy and Instagram

The dog drawings of well known artists:

Hockney’s daschunds – always a favourite and a suitably rude but real collaboration from Warhol and Basquiat.

Lucian Freud’s whippet drawings – it’s good to see these studies. The dogs appear in so many of his paintings too.

Rembrandt – studies from 1637 and 1640 rendered in pen and ink and as an etching.

Sally Muir – using a vet collar to make a memorable dog portrait.

Kiki Smith – just the paws and finally Nick Slater’s more graphic-y rendition of a dog.

He bases his observations on his own pet corgis – who have their own Instagram account. We had corgis when I was a kid so I retain a soft spot for them even now.

Many thanks to Helen for being a part of Fishink Blog for today and good luck with the release of the book this week too.







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